Thursday, October 13, 2016

#97 Going the Same Direction

Alludra and Ben agree on the one thing they never thought they would! Gasp!

Arrows! What do they  mean! (image from shutterstock) 

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

#96 Alludra Mathing for You

Alludra maths for you! And it's Ben approved!

DPS math never dies! It just gets outdated (borrowed from google!) 

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Friday, September 16, 2016

#95 Stumpers is Best Corgi

Stumpers: Legion's new hot button corgi.

The hero we all need! (Pic from reddit)

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Boss battles
Fight Night: Amalia: found in Dalaran!

Foof: Brown, white, and black Corgi

  • Buried Treasure: Foof will dig up a bone, healing himself up to 25%.
  • Dreadful Breath: Dreadful Breath channels a dreadful toxic breath which deals humanoid damage split across the enemy team.  This will deal damage if the weather is Cleansing Rain.
  • Howl:Foof howls in the distance… somehow...which will frighten your pet, increasing the damage they take on the next attack by 100%.

Stumpers:a black and white Corgi that looks like Cornelius.

  • Cute Face:Stumpers will look at you with his most adorable face, increasing his chance to dodge an attack by 25%
  • Superbark:This ability is a bark of incredible power, dealing beast damage.  The good news is that it cannot bring your pet lower than 1 health.
  • Tongue Lash: Stumpers licks your pet 1 to 2 times dealing critter damage with each hit.  He will lick you an additional time if he attacks first.

Lil’ Sizzle: an adorable Molten Corgi

  • Bark:Deals beast damage and reduces the target’s next attack by 25%. It lasts 1 round.
  • Inferno Herding:Lil’ Sizzle deals elemental damage and forces your lowest health pet to swap into battle.
  • Puppies of the Flame: Lil’ Sizzle will look adorable and become unattackable for 2 rounds. During this time, Puppies of the Flame attack your pet, dealing elemental damage each round.

Zone spotlight - Azsuna
Albatross Chick, Coastal Sandpiper, Court Scribe, Eldritch Manafiend, Emmigosa, Erudite Manafiend, Felspider, Fledgling Kingfeather, Fledgling Oliveback, Fledgling Warden Owl, Garden Frog, Juvenile Scuttleback, Olivetail Hare, and the Slithering Brownscale

Through battle you are able to obtain the Albatross Chick, Coastal Sandpiper, Eldritch Manafiend, Erudite Manafiend, Felspider, Fledgling Kingfeather, Fledgling Oliveback, Garden Frog, Juvenile Scuttleback, Olivetail Hare, and the Slithering Brownscale

The Court Scribe is available for purchase from the Court of Farondis for 500 gold once you are revered and the Fledgling Warden Owl can be bought from the Wardens when you are revered with them, also for 500 gold.

And last but definitely not least, you are able to learn Emmigosa from the quest, “On the Brink.”

Next week's team building: Consequential Bolt