Friday, December 21, 2012

#12 Tiny, Lumpy, and Snowman!!

Alludra and Kephas talk about the news, the amazing Winterveil-ness going around, the fact Keph still has no clue what a yule is, and get a real letter!

December 13th Hotfix notes

Blizzard Forums discussion on battle pet XP soaking fixes

How to level your pet quickly (the hint is turtles and frogs!!)

Kephas and I on Arcanium of Azeroth (Arcanium round table episode 6)


Thursday, December 6, 2012

#11 No Critters or Rocks allowed

Tons of new pets, how to beat that guy in the Darkmoon fair, and who here has found a battle stone? We sure as heck haven't!

Wowhead's list of new 5.1 pets


Friday, November 23, 2012

#10 Don't trust the button!

News, how to PvP, The answer to the question 'what is the perfect pet', what button is untrustworthy and listen for Alludra's voice to break! Your own mini-game within the show!

MMO champion interview with Ion Hazzikostas.

Baneling stats and info!

Cinder Kitten for the Red Cross! (Not out yet! But feel free to donate!)

photo credit Copyright All rights reserved by ExtraLife

Friday, November 9, 2012

#9 What's a Yule?

News, (Blizzard and non!), discussion about why turnips aren't so terrible for you, and Alludra and Kephas get greedy!

Guild OX

Pet Spotlight: Terrible Turnip

Thursday, October 25, 2012

#8 Stealin' my thunder!

5.1 patch notes and news galore, and Alludra and Kephas are silly-ing the place up! Now with fun dance time and more shenanigans! How many words did we mess up this show!

Also for added fun, why don't you try sending us you messing up the phrase: General purpose Polished Battle-stones can be purchased for 1000 Justice Points.

Love to see it!

Patch note information can be found here. (show recorded from the October 23 notes)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

#7 Brain ferts and bad places

Alludra and Kephas (the monk!) discuss news, Tamer battle hints, why you can't start battles in Pandaria  and Dragonkin and Mechanical families.

Pet rarity upgrades in 5.1! Recorded before the 5.1 announcement (sorry!)

Blizzard discussion about crate bugs.

Pet daily bug discussion

And a vid for power leveling your pets!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

#5 It's nice to have a blitzball

Alludra and Kephas speculate wildly about the lack of news, upcoming changes in the live game, the differences between familes and types, wishlist updates and the birds and the fish!

Pet Battle Pokemon Mod
Soundtrack now supports pet battles!

Friday, August 31, 2012

#4 Black Plague Logic

Alludra and Kephas discuss the big patch, logic and the plague, and what they would like to see implemented in future builds!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

#3 Alludra has a cough, Keph has lag!

We discuss News, the new pet UI, and how pets don't have a type, they have families! Plus a handy info-graphic to help explain the most complex relationships your pets have!

Image by Wowjuju

Thursday, August 2, 2012

#2 From feirce to frowny traners get renamed!

Alludra and Kephas Updates from the blues, where we were wrong last week, and massive discussion about trainers and their strategies. Guess how many times we mess up their names and give them new ones?

Introduction: Hello! What’s up?

Release Date! September 25th!!!

News from the Blues:
  • Unique Tamer emotes
  • Unique Tamer pets
  • Tamer battles have been tuned up in difficulty
  • One Grand Master Tamer per continent. Defeating him/her will unlock all the daily's on that continent.
  • The flow has been consolidated to work though our two main trainers in Stormwind and Orgrimmar.
  • We have implemented more than 40 Tamer fights across the entire game. This does not include the boss fights!
  • Daily quests on Grand Master Tamers offer the Sack of Pet Supplies as a reward.
  • A new achievement reward for defeating all the Tamers. A "Tamer" title.
  • All of the quests to fight Tamers are now account-wide. This means that the one-shot quests can only be completed by one character on your account. The daily's can be completed by any character, once per day. Account wide quests are denoted in the quest log.

A couple corrections:
Last week, we mentioned being able to catch multiple pets in a single battle. This is actually a bug. In wild pet encounters where you face multiple pets, you will only be able to catch one of them.

We have found battle pet trainers in Stormwind and Orgrimmar! They can also be found in not only Goldshire and Razor Hill, but all of the starting towns. (i.e. Kharnaros, Falconwing Square, Brill, ect.)

Grudge Match:
Players will no longer be able to trade or sell pets that they capture in the wild. Blizzard is doing this to encourage players to explore the world and go through the system.
Alludra ~ Con stance
Kephas ~ Pro stance

Boss Battles:

Horde: Dagara the Fierce
Location: Northern Barrens
Type: Beast
Recommended Level: 5
Unlocks: Zonya the Sadist and Analynn
  • Alludra: MORE proof the crane is OP, I took out her backup pets while fighting the first pet! i smell a nerf incoming...
  • Kephas: What happens when Keph is not prepared? A lot of luck... I managed to take out her last pet with my last pet, a level 1 core hound pup. He hit level 6.

Alliance: Julia, the Pet Tamer
Location: The Malcure Vineyards in Elwynn Forext
Type: Beast Easy mode! She’s only got two snakes!
Recommended Level: 2 (Currently uneven with Horde) But they will be balanced soon Alludra confirmed this on the forums
Unlocks Lindsy

General Boss Talk:
  • Doing the same boss on multiple toons is no longer possible as the quests are now account wide.
  • Doing the boss battle, abandoning the quest, re-accepting the quest, and doing the boss battle again (rinse and repeat) is a bug exploit.

And that’s our show! We want to thank Koltrane for the amazing new bumpers as well as Blizzard entertainment for our theme song.

If you would like to contact us you can email the show at
We are also on twitter I am @alludra_aie and Kephas is @thekephas.

And you can download our show on both iTunes and at our website (still currently in progress) at

Thursday, July 19, 2012

#1 Beta Battles

Our first episode! Alludra and Kephas discuss the new battle system, how to use it, the perils of bugs in the beta, and things they'd like to see in the future!


How to battle! (beta version!)
  • Seek out the Pet Battle Trainer to buy the skill.
    • Horde, look for Narzzak in Razor Hill.
    • Alliance, look for Marcus Jensen in Goldshire.
    • Don’t forget to buy the Jade Crane Chick along with the skill!
  • Start the questline!
    • Important because pet battles are still buggy in beta!
    • You must go through the questline to unlock the different battle pet mechanics.
    • Battle Pets are account wide, including your pets, achievements, unlocks, and progress.
      • The system is still buggy in beta, sometimes some of your characters may not have pets or access to everything you’ve unlocked. So, you may find yourself having to redo the questline on multiple toons.
  • After the questline
    • You are now free to roam the world training, battling, and catching new pets!
    • At some point, you will be prompted with a quest to battle an NPC or “Gym Leader”. More on this later!

Pet Battle Mechanics
  • Pet battles are turn based, obviously.

  • You start off with one pet, but you can unlock two more slots giving you a total of a three pet team.
    • You can switch between pets in battle.
    • You can change your team between battles.
  • Similarly, each pet starts at level 1 with a single ability, but more are unlocked as your pet levels up. You will unlock a total of 6 abilities, but you will only be able to use 3 abilities at a time.
  • Your pet will gain experience if you win the battle or capture the pet.
  • If your pet dies, its health will remain at 0 after combat. If you win the battle, your pet will be healed for half its health.
    • You have a heal all ability, but it has a 15 min cooldown. Otherwise, you can visit a stable master to heal your pets.
    • Blizzard is doing this to encourage players to not only seek victory, but to win with as much health as possible.

Capturing pets is easy!
  • Battle pets can be found roaming the world!
    • Big green pawprint on minimap
    • Nameplate over pet
    • higher level zones have higher level, more difficult to catch pets. They make teams in the wild! TEAMS!!
  • pets have rarity colors
    • Right now pre collected pets do not have rarity stats. Meaning that blue quality pet of yours is white. (Yes, pets already have quality colors!)
  • LOL! You throw a box on them! I want a master box!

Avoiding bugs!
  • Remember, it’s a beta!
  • I have found that if pets are at 100% health before a battle they are less likely to have the fall over dead bug.
  • Do not fight in a cave, enclosed space hills, or ledges
  • Sometimes the pet slots don’t unlock, this is a bug.
  • If your characters aren’t able to train the skill, buy pets, or battle, the best thing to do is create a new character.

Closing with random thoughts
  • Jade Crane Chick is soooo OP!
  • We don’t have to buy crates! Still want a master crate tho.
    • oooh! You think a profession will make crates?? That would rule! All the professions making different crates that are better at catching different types!
  • Pet Battles are fun!