Thursday, July 19, 2012

#1 Beta Battles

Our first episode! Alludra and Kephas discuss the new battle system, how to use it, the perils of bugs in the beta, and things they'd like to see in the future!


How to battle! (beta version!)
  • Seek out the Pet Battle Trainer to buy the skill.
    • Horde, look for Narzzak in Razor Hill.
    • Alliance, look for Marcus Jensen in Goldshire.
    • Don’t forget to buy the Jade Crane Chick along with the skill!
  • Start the questline!
    • Important because pet battles are still buggy in beta!
    • You must go through the questline to unlock the different battle pet mechanics.
    • Battle Pets are account wide, including your pets, achievements, unlocks, and progress.
      • The system is still buggy in beta, sometimes some of your characters may not have pets or access to everything you’ve unlocked. So, you may find yourself having to redo the questline on multiple toons.
  • After the questline
    • You are now free to roam the world training, battling, and catching new pets!
    • At some point, you will be prompted with a quest to battle an NPC or “Gym Leader”. More on this later!

Pet Battle Mechanics
  • Pet battles are turn based, obviously.

  • You start off with one pet, but you can unlock two more slots giving you a total of a three pet team.
    • You can switch between pets in battle.
    • You can change your team between battles.
  • Similarly, each pet starts at level 1 with a single ability, but more are unlocked as your pet levels up. You will unlock a total of 6 abilities, but you will only be able to use 3 abilities at a time.
  • Your pet will gain experience if you win the battle or capture the pet.
  • If your pet dies, its health will remain at 0 after combat. If you win the battle, your pet will be healed for half its health.
    • You have a heal all ability, but it has a 15 min cooldown. Otherwise, you can visit a stable master to heal your pets.
    • Blizzard is doing this to encourage players to not only seek victory, but to win with as much health as possible.

Capturing pets is easy!
  • Battle pets can be found roaming the world!
    • Big green pawprint on minimap
    • Nameplate over pet
    • higher level zones have higher level, more difficult to catch pets. They make teams in the wild! TEAMS!!
  • pets have rarity colors
    • Right now pre collected pets do not have rarity stats. Meaning that blue quality pet of yours is white. (Yes, pets already have quality colors!)
  • LOL! You throw a box on them! I want a master box!

Avoiding bugs!
  • Remember, it’s a beta!
  • I have found that if pets are at 100% health before a battle they are less likely to have the fall over dead bug.
  • Do not fight in a cave, enclosed space hills, or ledges
  • Sometimes the pet slots don’t unlock, this is a bug.
  • If your characters aren’t able to train the skill, buy pets, or battle, the best thing to do is create a new character.

Closing with random thoughts
  • Jade Crane Chick is soooo OP!
  • We don’t have to buy crates! Still want a master crate tho.
    • oooh! You think a profession will make crates?? That would rule! All the professions making different crates that are better at catching different types!
  • Pet Battles are fun!


  1. Great show Alludra and Kephas. Keep up the great work.

  2. Really enjoyed listening to this podcast. I'm really interested in battle pets, and unfortunately don't have a MoP beta key, but I feel like I don't need one with such great info! Look forward to listening in the future!

    1. Aww, well thanks so much! I hope you get a beta soon, but the real thing is just around the corner!

  3. Keep up the great work! Need Moar shows!!

    1. Thanks! We are going to be recording more this week!


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