Thursday, October 11, 2012

#7 Brain ferts and bad places

Alludra and Kephas (the monk!) discuss news, Tamer battle hints, why you can't start battles in Pandaria  and Dragonkin and Mechanical families.

Pet rarity upgrades in 5.1! Recorded before the 5.1 announcement (sorry!)

Blizzard discussion about crate bugs.

Pet daily bug discussion

And a vid for power leveling your pets!

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  1. Hey Alludra, hey Kephas *waves frantically*
    I really love the podcasts and oh my gosh the "bumpers" are just awesome I love the news one, with the guy saying "there's pandas everywhere" this just makes me giggle so so much everytime I hear it, I don't know if I should post a link here, but there's extensive patch notes on 5.1 dealing with pet battle stuff, there's magic, fluffly clouds and rainbows in the patch notes dealing with pet battles!

    Really love the podcasts you guys just make my heart smile :)

    Team Bubbles


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