Friday, December 21, 2012

#12 Tiny, Lumpy, and Snowman!!

Alludra and Kephas talk about the news, the amazing Winterveil-ness going around, the fact Keph still has no clue what a yule is, and get a real letter!

December 13th Hotfix notes

Blizzard Forums discussion on battle pet XP soaking fixes

How to level your pet quickly (the hint is turtles and frogs!!)

Kephas and I on Arcanium of Azeroth (Arcanium round table episode 6)


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  1. Hi, love the show and I love the idea from that commenter of Themed pets. So here we go: while the crow or maybe chicken or one of the many cats would have been nice, I would have to cow with the Squashling, I love it's plant ability anyway but I'm a person that goes out of their way to find pets that have abilities from multiple families. So if the Sunflower is on the team -All Elemental I can't add the Squshling. So I'll go with the Lamb, either Elwynn or the Black Lamb as they both have Bleat which heals. Also they all have Critter Attacks.

    My Husband, made the choice of the Panderian Monk, as it seems all Panderians are farmers at heart to him and since they are in the human family they will have that healing per round options.