Friday, January 18, 2013

#14 Plugception

Alludra and Kephas talk about news, shenanigans, more bosses, more zones and figure out why Keph tries to plug Battle Pets....during Battle Pets!

Boss Battles:
Boss:            Niki Tinytech
Location:     Hellfire Peninsula (64, 49)
Pet Level:    20
Pet - Type:  ED-005 - Robot - Mechanical
                  Goliath - Robot - Mechanical
                  Sploder - Robot - Mechanical

Does not give a tamer bag.

Pet spotlight on zones! (Pet names in bold are zone specific and can't be found elsewhere)

Zone: Mulgore
Level: 1-2
  • Gazelle Fawn,
  • Mouse
  • Prairie Dog
  • Rabbit

Zone: Thunder Bluff (Faction City)*
Level 1-2
  • Prairie Dog

Dun Morough
Level 1-2
  • Alpine Hare 
  • Fluxfire Feline 
  • Irradiated Roach 
  • Maggot 
  • Rabbit 
  • Rat 
  • Roach 
  • Snow Cub 
  • Spider 
  • Toad

Zone: Ironforge (Faction City)*
Level 1-2
  • Long-Tailed Mole
*Does not include guild vendor and achievement pets

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