Friday, February 1, 2013

#15 Guess what Keph can't say!

We discuss how to battle pet, where to find the rest of the level 1 pets, throw in a wishlist for good measure AND Keph flips out!


Battle pet levels by zone level:

  • 1-10 zones have pets 1-2 
  • 10-15 zones have pets 3-4 
  • 20-25 zones have pets 5-7 
  • 25-30 zones have pets 7-8 
  • 30-35 zones have pets 9-12 
  • 35-40 zones have pets 10-11 
  • 40-45 zones have pets 12-13 
  • 45-50 zones have pets 13-14 
  • 50-55 zones have pets 14-15 
  • 55-60 zones have pets 16-18 
  • Outlands zones have pets 18-21 
  • Northrend zones have pets 20-23 
  • Cataclysm zones have pets 22-24 
  • Pandaria zones have pets 23-25

Pet spotlight: The rest of the level 1 zones!! Take that...not level 1 zones!

Trisfall Glades and Undercity

  • 8 pets in Trisfall Glades (Bat, Rat, Roach, Spider, Lost of Lordaeron, Rabbit, Chicken, Maggot)
  • 4 pets in Undercity (Lost of Lordaerion, Bat, Undercity Rat, Roach)
  • The Lost of Lordaeron can only be found in Trisfall or Undercity and the Undercity Rat can only be found in Undercity.

Eversong Woods and Silvermoon City

  • 6 pets in Eversong Woods (Cat, Rabbit, Ruby Sapling, Small Frog, Snake, Toad)
  • 3 pets in Silvermoon City (Cat, Mouse, Rabbit)
  • The Ruby Sapling can only be found in Eversong Woods.

Azuremyst Isle and Exodar

  • 4 pets in Azuremyst Isle (Gray Moth, Rabbit, Skunk, Squirrel)
  • 1 pet in Exodar (Mouse)
  • The Gray Moth can only be found in Azuremyst Isle.

Teldrassil and Darnassus
  • 9 pets in Teldrassil (Crested Owl, Elfin Rabbit, Fawn, Forest Moth, Rabbit, Red Tailed Chipmunk, Small Frog, Spider, Toad)
  • 4 pets in Darnassus (Red Tailed Chipmunk, Small Frog, Forest Moth, Elfin Rabbit)
  • The Crested Owl can only be found in Teldrassil.

Gilneas has spiders and toads...meh.

Gilneas city? ...just spiders. Double meh.

OH! And frogs! Look at the new frog update! It's like two different games!

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