Friday, March 15, 2013

#18 Really bad segways

Alludra and Kephas discuss their wow-exclusivity since 5.1 patch patches, wonder what Narrok has been cooking and get told by an Alliance druid!

Pet farming in 5.2.
There were no survivors.



Pet battle XP hotfixes

5.2 fixes

Boss Battles: Narrok

  1. Location: Nagrand (61,49)
  2. Pets lvl 22: Dramaticus, Prince Wart, Stompy
    1. Dramaticus (Critter): All attacks do Critter damage. Chomp and Comeback are both direct damage dealers, but Comeback will do additional damage if Dramaticus’ health is lower than yours. Crouch reduces damage by 50% for two rounds.
    2. Prince Wart (Aquatic): Frog kiss deals aquatic damage and has a chance to turn you into a frog. Swarm of Flies deals critter damage over time and Tongue Lash will deal critter damage 1-2 times plus an additional time if Prince Wart is the faster pet.
    3. Stompy (Beast): Horn Attack deals beast damage and if Stompy is faster, he has a 50% chance to “trample” your pet causing it to lose it’s turn. Trample will deal beast damage plus 10% of the target’s health. Trumpet Strike will deal beast damage and increase the attack power of Stompy.

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