Thursday, March 28, 2013

#19 Dodge Level Goku

Alludra and Keph discuss the new patch, Bloodknight Atari 2600 and where all compare pet lists!

Cute Unborn Val'kyr sparks debate across the realms!


Boss battles

Blood knight Antari

  • Shadowmoon Valley (30.4, 41.8)
      • Arcanus (Magic): Abilities are amplify magic increases it’s magic damage by 50%, Drain power deals magic damage and reduces your damage while increases his, and feedback deals direct magic damage. He takes extra damage from dragonkin abilities.
      • Jadefire (Elemental): Burn deals elemental damage, Conflagrate deals extra elemental damage if you’re burned, immolate burns you while dealing elemental damage. Takes extra damage from aquatic abilities.
      • Netherbite (Dragonkin): Nether blast deals magic damage and increases damage done each time it hits, phase shift increases dodge by 100% for one round, soul ward blocks the next attack. Takes extra damage from humanoid abilities.

    Pet Spotlight

    Level 10-20 zones in Kalimdor
    pet levels 3-6
    • Azshara
      • 12 Pets (Rabbit, Rabid Nut Varment 5000, Rat, Roach, Robo-Chick, Shore Crab, Skunk, Spider, Squirrel, Turquoise Turtle, Twilight Beetle, Twilight Spider)
      • 1 exclusive (Turquoise Turtle)
    • Bloodmyst Isle
      • 5 Pets (Chicken, Infected Fawn, Infected Squirrel, Ravager Hatchling, Skunk)
      • 1 exclusive (Ravager Hatchling)
    • Darkshore
      • 5 Pets (Darkshore Cub, Rabbit, Rat, Shimmershell Snail, Squirrel)
      • 2 Exclusives (Darkshore Cub and Shimmershell Snail)
    • Northern Barrens
      • 6 Pets (Adder, Cheetah Cub, Emerald Boa, Harpy Youngling, Prairie Dog, Small Frog)
      • 2 Exclusives (Cheetah Cub and Harpy Youngling)

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