Thursday, May 9, 2013

#22 Friendly neighborhood snuffleupagus

Kephas is all snuffy, Alludra thinks numbers are difficult and was tricked, twice! Plus news, boss battles and a zone spotlight on your level 6-7 pet zones!

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Updated 5.3 Patch notes

Major Payne's new blog post

Bleeding sun, a new World of Warcraft story

Boss Battles

Okrut Dragonwaste (Dragonblight 59,77)

Drogar (Dragon)
-Ancient Blessing is a heal that also increses the team’s max health.
-Flametrower deals elemental damage and places a burn on you.
-Proto-Strike will cause the pet to fly up high becoming unattackable for one turn  
and deal dragon damage on the next turn.

Rot (Undead)

-Death and Decay will deal undead damage to your active pet for 9 rounds.
-Plagued Blood will deal undead damage and plague your pet. While plagued, anyone  
who attacks it will be healed.
-Shadowflame deals dragon damage.

Sleet (Undead)

-Call Blizzard will deal elemental damage and cause the blizzard weather effect. During blizzard, all pets are chilled.

-Frost Breath deals dragon damage.
-Frost Tomb is a delayed attack. After 3 rounds, it will unleash dealing massive elemental
damage and stunning your pet for 1 round.

Pet spotlight: Level 25-30 zones!

Stonetalon Mountains
  • 9 pets in total (Alpine Chipmunk, Coral Snake, Mountain Skunk, Rabbit, Rabid nut Varment 5000, Rat, Roach, Spider, Venom Splitter Hatchling)
  • 2 exclusives (Coral Snake and Venomspitter Hatchling)

    Arathi Highlands

  • 7 pets in total (Cat, Grasslands cottontail, Hare, Prairie Dog, Rat, Small Frog, Tiny Twister)
  • 2 exclusives. (Grasslands Cottontail and Tiny Twister)

Northern Stranglethorn
  • 10 pets in total, Beetle, Crimson Moth, Forest Spiderling, Lizard Hatchling, Long tailed mole, Parrot, Polly, Roach, Strand crab, Tree Python)
  • 1 exclusive (Polly)

  • 8 pets in total, Black rat, Mountain Skunk, Mouse, Rabbit, Squirrel, Tiny Bog Beast, Toad, water snake.
  • 1 exclusive (Tiny Bog Beast)

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