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#27 Bloomin onions on my team

News, Boss battles, and vanilla pet catching! All that and why Alludra loves infomercials, and Ben's sacrificial pet collection methods!

The ideal pet!

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Ghaz'rooki's future

Warcraft Pets top 20 lists

Boss Battles:
Farmer Nishi at (46, 43) in the Valley of the Four Winds

Brood of Mothallus (beast type, looks like an imperial silkworm)

  • Acidic Goo - Critter attack which deals damage and poisons you causing damage and an increase in damage taken by 25% for 3 rounds
  • Consume - Undead attack that heals the user for 100% of the damage done
  • Burrow - Beast type attack. Brood of Mothallus will go underground and on the next round pop up and attack.

Siren (elemental type, looks like the Singing Sunflower)

  • Photosynthesis - Elemental type ability that restores health every round for 5 rounds.
  • Solar Beam - Elemental attack which does elemental damage, plus a bit extra if the weather is sunlight.  The plus side is the user must recharge for two rounds afterwards.
  • Sunlight - Elemental attack that strikes all enemies and turns the weather Sunny* for 9 rounds.

*Sunny Weather: Max health of all pets is increased by 50% and healing done is increased by 25%

Toothbreaker (elemental type, looks like the Terrible Turnip)

  • Leech Seed - Elemental attack that plants a seed on the target instantly dealing damage, and healing for the same amount of health.  Each round the seed deals elemental damage and restores that damage to the user.
  • Inspiring Song - Elemental ability that restores health to all allies
  • Sons of the Root - Elemental move that submerges Toothbreaker underground for 2 rounds.  During each round, roots will attack your pet

Pet zone spotlight
30-35 zones


  • pet levels 11-12
  • 7 pets total. Hare, Brown marmot, cockroach, Jade oozeling, Maggot, Rat, Spider
  • zone exclusive is the Jade oozling 

Cape of stranglethorn
Pet levels 9-10

  • 16 total pets! Woah! Hang on! You get them in a ton of ways!! 
  • Battle pets are Baby Ape, Beetle, Chrimson moth, Forest spiderling, Lizard hatchling, Longtaled mole, parrot, Rat, Razashi hatchling, Roach, strand crab, Tree python, Warf rat. 
  • World drop pet alert! Hycenth Macaw!
  • Vendor Pets: Cockatiel, senegal, 
  • Zone excluve battle caputre pets: Baby ape in  Jaguero Isle only when it rains, remember guys  Jaguero Isle has it’s own weather patterns.  Chrimson moth, Forest spiderling, Lizard hatchling are stranglethorn wide catch pets,

Pet levels 7-9

  • 12 total pets: Amethyst shale hatchling, Desert spider, Elfin rabbit, Forest Moth, Horny toad, rat, Red tailed chipmunk, Roach, Rock viper, Small frog, Stone armadillo, Topaz shale hatchling.  
  • zone exlusive pet: Horny toad (It’s a lizard)! Stone armadillo (Night time catch only!)

Southern Barrens
Pet levels 9-10

  • 5 total pets! Adder, Emerald boa, giraffe calf, prarie dog, small frog
  • zone exclusive Giraffe calf 

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