Friday, August 9, 2013

#28 Words are hard

Alludra and Ben eventually talk news, Boss battles, pet zone spotlights, and there are new challenges afoot! That is...if they don't mangle their words too badly!

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Boss Battles:
Mo’ruk, the hozen found in Kasarang Wilds at 62, 45

Lightstalker - Moth Flying Family
  • Moth Balls - Flying ability that sends pheromones at the target dealing flying damage and has a 50% chance to reduce the target’s speed by 25% for 3 rounds
  • Alpha Strike - An ability that deals flying damage but does additional damage if Lightstalker is faster than you
  • Moth Dust - Yup, also flying ability deals damage and has a 25% chance to put the target to sleep for 1 round.

Needleback - Turtle Aquatic Family
  • Headbutt - Beast ability deals damage and has 25% chance to stun your pet
  • Grasp - Aquatic ability  that grabs the target, dealing aquatic damage and you can not swap your pet for 2 rounds.
  • Powerball - Critter ability. Needleback will roll at your pet dealing critter damage and increase it’s speed by 20%.  Each time Powerball is used, its speed will increase.

Woodcarver - Silkworm Beast Family
  • Acidic Goo - Critter ability that damages the target initially but poisons your pet to take increasing damage for 3 rounds.
  • Consume - Undead ability that deals undead damage, and heals Woodcarver for that same amount of damage that was dealt
  • Burrow - Beast ability that has Woodcarver go underground for a round, then pop up the next round dealing beast type damage.

Pet Zone Spotlight: 
Level 35-40 zones:

  • Pet Levels 11-12
  • Zone pets: Rabbit, Sprite darter hatchling, Squirrel, Emerald whelpling, Snake, Nether Faerie Dragon and the Stunted Yeti. 
  • Unique pets: Stunted Yeti, Nether Faerie Dragon via battles. the Sprite darter hatchling, and Emerald Whelpling are zone drops. 

Western Plaguelands
  • Pet Leves 10-11
  • Zone pets: Black Rat, Blighthawk, Rabbit, Squirrel
  • Unique pets: Blighthhawk via pet battles

Level 40-45 zones:

Eastern Plaguelands
  • Pet levels 12-13
  • Zone pets:Bat, Beetle, Black Rat, Cockroach, Festering Maggot, Infected Fawn, Infected Squirrel, Mr. Grubbs, Scorpid, Spider
  • Unique pets: Festering Maggot from pet battles and Mr. Grubbs is a world drop with a catch.  You have to start the caravan questline to the point where you are able to have the Fiona’s Lucky Charm buff.  This will give you the ability to loot an extra bag off of mobs.  Inside that bag you have a chance of looting Mr. Grubbs.

Thousand Needles
  • Pet levels 13-14
  • Zone pets: Scorpid, Black Rat, Roach, Twilight Iguana, Ancona chicken. 
  • Unique pets: Twilight Iguana via pet battles, but the vendor ‘Plucky’ Johnson has your Ancona Chicken. 

New segment! Race to the Finish!
Challange 1: Crawling Claw

  • No Auction House
  • Need a screenshot of the current artifact
  • Need a screenshot of the completed artifact
  • First one to the finish wins!


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