Friday, August 23, 2013

#29 What dreams are made of

News, Boss battles, pet spotlight, a small race to the finish update, and wtf is Ben dreaming about??



Boss Battles:
Courageous Yon  35, 73 in a cave in Kun-Lai Summit

Bleat (goat) - beast type

  • Bleat -A critter type attack.  Bleat sings an inspiring song restoring health to all allies
  • Chew - In this critter type attack, Bleat eats some grass and on the next round will deal critter damage.  This move can deal damage while Bleat is not the active pet.
  • Stampede - A stampede starts causing critter damage.  After you are hit with stampede, you take double damage for 2 rounds.  The stampede occurs for 3 rounds total.

Lapin (rabbit) - critter type (Lapin is french for rabbit. That is the extent of my french knowledge.)

  • Adrenaline Rush - A critter attack that causes damage and increases its speed by 75% for 3 rounds
  • Burrow - Everyone’s favorite beast type attack.  Lapin will burrow underground for a round and pop back out to attack on the next.
  • Flurry - A critter attack that hits 1-2 times unless Lapin is faster than your pet which will cause it to hit an additional time

Piqua (funky chicken thing) - flying type

  • Squawk - A flying type move that lets out a loud squawk dealing damage and reducing the damage you deal by 25% for 3 rounds
  • Lift-Off - Another flying type move that has Piqua flying up into the air making it unattackable then it’ll fly back down and attack you on the next round.
  • Flock - The last flying type move causing flying type damage for 3 rounds.  If you are stuck in the flock you’ll take double damage for 2 rounds.

Pet Zone Spotlight:
45-50 zones

Level 14-15

  • Pets (9): Desert spider, Gold beetle, infiite whelpling, Rattlesnake, sand kitten, sea gull, silithid hatchling, stinkbug, stripe-tailed scorpid
  • Zone exclusives: Infinite whelpling (caverns of time), sand kitten, silithid hatchling and the stinkbug! Remember kids, the silithid hatchling only spawns when there is a sandstorm going on, and only near the buggy parts of the zone. 

Level 13-14

  • Pets (8): Beetle, black Rat, dark whelpling, gold beetle, king snake, rattle snake, spiky lizard, stripe tailed scorpid.
  • Zone Exclusives: King Snake

50-55 zones

Un’goro Crater
Level 15-16

  • Pets (12): Ash lizard, Beetle, cockroach, Diemetradon Hatchling, emerald boa, fire beetle, long-tailed mole, parrot, Ravasaur Hatchling, Silky Moth, Spotted Bell Frog, Tree python. 
  • Zone Exclusives: Diemetradon Hatchling (pet battles) Ravasaur Hatchling (rare spawn loot)

Burning Steppes
Level 15-16

  • Pets (8): Ash Viper, cockroach, Dark whelpling, fire beetle, Lava beetle, Lava crab, scropid, Tiny flamefly.
  • Zone Exclusives: Lava beetle (pet battles), Tiny Flamefly (Quest: SEVEN! YUP! (Alliance) or Not Fireflies, flameflies (Horde) 

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