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#36 Poison hugs

Alludra and Ben discuss all the games! Wrap up Outlands, find that some bosses can't get enough of themselves, and read the mail!

A personal note, sorry this is so late! Thanks for your amazing words of encouragement on twitter and via other means! The minion is doing great now!!!

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Blizzard has a new charity pet supporting the Make a Wish foundation! Yay! This year’s pet is the Alterac brew pup and half of its $10 cost goes toward make a wish! And if that’s not enough this pet is part of a combo pack with the new mount! If you buy both you will get a price discount while still making a $5 donation.
Guys don’t complain, remember they don’t have to give any money to make a wish!

Warcraft is on sale! From now until January 1st, the world of warcraft battle chest is only $5! Remember this is everything up to cataclysm! MOP is a whopping $10 (omg!) and the digital delux version of MOP is only...29.99. Okay you lost us there guys! This is not just a digital sale either! I saw copies of this up at target for these list prices. (well not the digital download, that’s pretty much a given)

Ghostcrawler has forsaken us! Just kidding, we have no idea if he’s turning us undead. But what is going on is that he’s LEAVING!! *sobs* No word on when he’s going or what he’s doing next but we at battle pets (who just met him!) Wish him all the best luck!

Major Payne is at it again, talking about pets that we have no clue (or care) about! Seriously though, if you care about, want to learn about, or have a general interest in hoplings head on over to the official wow discussion to talk about them!

Boss battles
Thundering Pandaren Spirit 64, 93 in Kun-Lai Summit (right by your temple)
Darnak the Tunneler (rat looking beast)
  • Burrow - Beast type attack Blah blah, underground, blah blah next turn attack, blah blah

  • Stoneskin - A Magical ability that reduces damage from each of your attacks

  • Stone Rush - An elemental ability that slams into your pet dealing elemental damage to you and itself.

Pandaren Earth Spirit (It’s a Pandaren Earth Spirit, ‘nuff said)
  • Rupture - An elemental attack where stone spikes will pop out of the ground and hit you but also have a 25% chance to stun you.

  • Crystal Prison - A beast type ability where you’ll be frozen in a crystal, stunning you for 1 round.

  • Stone Shot - An elemental attack that has the Earth Spirit throws stones at you, dealing elemental damage. (kind of a jerky move)

Sludgy - (a magical black puddle of goo)
  • Ooze Touch - A magical ability that grossly oozes all over your pet dealing magical damage

  • Creeping Ooze - An aquatic oozing ability that also covers your pet but in poisonous ooze, dealing some initial aquatic damage, and then continues dealing damage for the next 3 rounds.

  • Expunge - Another magical ability, but this one hits a bit harder and has a 3 round cooldown.

Strategy found here!

zone spotlight
Nagrand: Levels 64-67
Pet levels: 18-19
All pets through battle: Adder, Clefthoof Runt, Prairie Dog, Rabbit, Rat, Snake, Squirrel, Toad
Zone Specific: Clefthoof Runt

Blade’s Edge Mountains
Levels 65-68
Pet levels:18-20
All pets through battle: Brown Marmot, Cogblade Raptor, Rabbit, Rock Viper, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Scorpid, Skittering Cavern Crawler, and the Squirrel
Zone Specific: Cogblade Raptor, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, and the Skittering Cavern Crawler

Levels: 67-70
Pet levels: 20-21
Pets: Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, Brown Rabbit, Cat, Crimson Snake, Fledgling Nether Ray, Mana Wyrmling, Mouse, Nether Roach, Red Moth, Senegal, Siamese Cat, Undercity Cockroach
All pets are through battle except for the Blue Dragonhawk Hatchling, Brown Rabbit, Crimson Snake (also found in Orgrimmar), Mana Wyrmling, Red Moth, and Senegal, Siamese Cat which can be purchased by Dealer Rashaad in Netherstorm at 43, 35
The zone exclusive pets are the: Blue Dragonhawk, Hatchling, Brown Rabbit, Fledgling Nether Ray, Mana Wyrmling, Nether Roach, Red Moth, and the Siamese Cat

Shadowmoon Valley
Levels 67-70
Pet Levels 20-21
Pets: Ash Viper, Fel Flame, Scorpid, Tainted Cockroach
All the pets are attained through battle, and the Fel Flame is the only zone exclusive pet.


Hey, Alludra and Ben!

I was running around with my Sleepy Willy out and it came to me!
Willy's special animation is to drool and fall asleep, but sometimes he'll shoot an eye-beam at a nearby critter, killing it.  Well, what if someone around you had their Unborn Val'kyr?  Would she rez the newly killed critter?  And how awesome would that be!!!  Playing God at it's best!

Just thought I'd share.  Love the show, please keep up the great work!

~Polgaraspell, Human Frost Mage :) Misha-US

So I have an idea. We should be able to turn off gear drops in raids to increase drop rate for pets, and mounts.

I need no gear in Throne of Thunder, and most of Siege of Orgimar. But I do the raids every week for the chance that a pet would drop. In all my months here only 1 living sandling dropped. I am a warrior so when i raid I choose between my 2 specializations, Protect or Fury. Why cant we have the same options to choose from All, Pets, Or gear.

If a pet drop rate is .0001%, maybe turning off the gear option would increase it to .01%. Not asking for automatic drops but asking for a better chance to get what I am coming here for.
This idea came to me when I received my Legendary cloaks, then the next 2 weeks the only things I got from drops and my rolls were, can you guess? Cloaks...... I cant DE so I had to vendor them all. What a waste. So I have been trying to contact people in the blizzard community to see if maybe this squeeky wheel can get some grease.

If you like my idea, pass it on. Love the show.

Urahara Whisperwind

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