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#37 Preheat your firelord

Alludra and Ben argue about who's always right (Hint! It's Alludra!) Discuss boss battles, who is the biggest 'pet tease', zone spotlight, news, and banter like there's no tomorrow! All this AND reader mail!

A dejected, un preheated Firelord.
Don't let this happen to you!

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Zone Spotlight:

Mt. Hyjal 22-24
Pets through battle: Fire beetle, nordrassil wisp, rabbit, bat, twilight beetle, alpine chipmunk, rock biper, silky moth, squirrel, ash lizard, grotto vole, Death’s head cockroach, elfin rabbit, fire-proof Roach, forest moth, carron rat
Quest/achievement pets: Blue mini Jouster, Gold mini jouster
zone exclusive pets: Nordrassil Wisp, Grotto vole, Death’s head cockroach, Fire-proof roach, and the blue and gold mini jousters. 

blizzard’s way of saying HECK NO we won’t give you any of these cool underwater pets! There are no pets here. We really had a sad, they had a ton of great under water models. Seahorse and pufferfish are not enough

Deepholm: 22-24
Pets through battle: Twilight spider, crhimson shale hatchling, crystal beetle, deephom cockroach, topaz shale hatchling, fungal moth, twilight beetle, Amethyst shale hatchling, Crimson geode, Emerald Shale Hatchling, Stowaway rat
Pets caught by other means: TIny shale spider - beat up jadefang, hiding in the back of that daily cave. Yeah you know you want to.
Zone exclusive pets: Chrimson shale hatchling, Crystal beetle, Deepholm cockroach, Fungal moth, Crimson Geode, Emerald shale hatchling, Stowaway Rat

Honorable mention: The elementium geode! You get him from mining elementium nodes in the cataclysm areas! He’s a rare drop pet so have fun with all the mining!

Boss Battles
Whispering Pandaren Spirit (the air elemental) 28, 36 in the Jade Forest

Dusty (moth, flying type)

  • Moth Balls - Dusty will throw smelly moth balls at your pet dealing flying damage and has a 50% chance to reduce the target’s speed for 25% for 3 rounds.
  • Moth Dust - This dust deals flying damage as well, and has a 25% chance to put your pet to sleep for 1 round.
  • Cocoon Strike - Also deals flying damage and will block your next attack on it.

Pandaren Air Spirit (it’s a pandaren air spirit, elemental type)

  • Slicing Wind - A flying ability that attacks 1-3 times dealing flying damage.
  • Wild Winds - The Air Spirit will blow wind at you, dealing flying damage and continued flying damage for 2 more rounds.
  • Soothing Mists - An elemental ability that heals the lead pet, and continues healing that lead pet for 5 rounds, even after a pet is swapped out.

Whispertail (Dragonkin that looks like the Wild Crimson Hatchling-

  • Flyby - Flyby is a flying ability that causing flying type damage and increases the damage you take by 25% for the next 3 rounds.
  • Slicing Wind - A flying ability that attacks 1-3 times dealing flying damage.
  • Wild Winds - Whispertail will blow wind at you, dealing flying damage and continued flying damage for 2 more rounds.
Easy strat: Dragonkin! You want them for this fight, especially things like the emerald whelping and green dragons with healing. The heavy air talents in this team make them a must!

From Dragon Valor
I would like to offer a solution to your trouble getting this. Since phasing wasn't introduced until Wrath, I think you were instead having trouble with the CRZ... I had a similar problem with quite a few Outland pets. 
Keep up the good work, guys! ^.=.^ (Happy dragon!!!!)
-Dragon Valor

From Fredthebold of Twisted Empire
Hello Friendly Hosts,

I keep seeing references in posts and add ons about a pet being S/S or P/S or something else and I have no idea what that means. I'm fairly certain you would have addressed this before but well I can't seem to dig up the answer in my admittedly feeble search attempts. 

Also, can the same pet have different stats when you catch it in the wild? I found a guide that says I need a fox with a certain speed, don't they all have the same stats?

Thanks for the enlightenment and entertainment in each show.

Fredthebold of Twisted Empire on Kul Tiras

From Podoh Aerie_Peak US
I got the "Brutal Pet Brawler" achievement this past weekend. 
I am now Trainer Podo (on a Kodo)

That's a whole bunch of PVP Pet Battles. 

For the Record I got a majority of those wins with the following 2 teams:

Unborn Val'kyr (B/B)
Amber Moth (P/S)
Cinder Kitten (B/B)


Murkalot (B/B)
Fossilized Hatchling (P/S)
Crow (B/B)

Podoh (Aerie-Peak US)

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