Friday, February 28, 2014

#40 Clowns, Crowns, and other such nonsense

Alludra questions Ben's hygene, Ben in turn brings in even more nonsense! All this and insane chit chat, chatter and fun! And some pet battle talk too!

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Boss battles The Beasts of Fable!
Ka-wi the Gorger (Critter, he’s a silk worm) at 48, 71 in the Jade Forest

  • Moth Balls (flying type) - Ka-wi will throw pheromones at you dealing flying damage but also has a 50% chance to reduce your speed by 25% for 3 rounds. This move has a 1 round cool down so it could potentially use it every other turn. 
  • Super Sticky Goo (elemental type) - With this move, Ka-wi is going to throw some sticky goo at you dealing elemental damage and will trap you there for 2 rounds. There is no cool down on this one. 
  • Chew (critter type) - Ka-wi will eat some grass. Not all that spectacular. But, on the next round it will deal some critter damage in addition to it’s next attack. 

Gorespine (Beast, porcupine) at 26, 50 in Dread Wastes

  • Spiked Skin (dragonkin type) - This will reduce damage against Gorespine for each attack and hit you for some dragonkin damage each time for 5 rounds 
  • Scratch (critter type) - Gorespine will scratch you dealing critter damage! >.> That’s it for that one. 
  • Rip (beast type) - This attack will rip open your pet causing some initial beast damage and your to bleed for more beast damage each round for 5 rounds. 

Zone spotlight
Kun-Lai Levels 87-88 Pet levels 23-25
Caught through Battle: Alpine Foxling, Alpine Foxling Kit, Kun-Lai Runt, Plains Monitor, Prairie Mouse, Summit Kid, Szechuan Chicken, Tolai Hare, Tolai Hare Pup, Zooey Snake
Zone Exclusive Pets: ALL OF THEM!!!!

Townlong Steppes Levels 88-89 Pet levels 24-25
Caught through Battle: Amber Moth, Grassland Hopper, Kuitan Mongoose, Mongoose, Mongoose Pup, Yakrat Caught from a drop: Spawn of G’nathus drops from *drumroll* G’nathus!!
Zone Exclusive Pets: All except for the Amber Moth and the Yakrat

Let’s be dorks. - Aren’t we always? Arbitrary race to the finish, listeners decide! We want to have crazy race to the finishes, and a bunch of them with the winners declared at/around the time of Nerdtacular 2014! Who ever finishes the most by then (July 4th weekend) will win the super crown.

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