Wednesday, April 16, 2014

#42 Pets, pet pets, and pet pet pets!

In this belated episode Alludra and Ben discuss April fools Jokes, Garrisons, the LAST ZONE of pet spotlight! And figure out what team heartwarming playstyle looks like!

That one human architect sure works his rear end off!

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**We are aware how late this show is! Blame Alludra! Next shows will be on time, you have our mage-y word!!**

On april first warcraft pets released some ‘datamined’ information about pet breading and possible outcomes. We aren’t going to spoil the fun for you, but CARPANADOOOO!!!

Blizzard on the other hand released some ‘real’ news via the 6.0 patch notes!
Pet Garrisons

  • Why should you get to have all the fun? Introducing the Pet Garrison! A miniature version of your Garrison within your Garrison, run by your Battle Pets.
  • Pet Pet Garrison
  • Why should your pet get to have all the fun? Introducing the Pet Pet Garrison! A miniature version of your pet’s Pet Garrison within your pet’s Pet Garrison, run by your Battle Pet’s Battle Pets.

Boss Battles
Lucky Yi
(Critter, red cricket) at 40, 43 in the Vally of the Four Winds

  • Quick Attack - a critter attack that will always go first, dealing critter type damage
  • Perk up - Lucky Yi will have his morning cup of coffee and restore some health, and have his health increase for the next 9 rounds with this critter type ability
  • Uncanny Luck - this critter ability will increase Lucky Yi’s hit chance by 50% and critical strike chance by 25% for 4 rounds

Ti’un the Wanderer
(Aquatic, turtle) at 72, 79 in Townlong Steppes

  • Tidal Wave - an ability that deals aquatic damage to all of your pets which also destroys any objects created by you.
  • Pump - The first cast of this will increase Ti’un’s damage dealt by 10%, on the second cast, it will blast water dealing aquatic damage.
  • Shell Shield - a beast ability that educes damage from each attack

Zone Spotlight
Isle of Thunder
Pet levels are 25
Captured through combat: Elder Python, Electrifed Razortooth, Swamp Croaker, and the Thundertail Flapper
Dropped: Sunreaver Micro-Sentry drops off of the Haywire  Sunreaver Construct
Zone Exclusives: ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!

Timeless Isle
Pet levels are 25
Captured through combat: Ashwing Moth, Flamering Moth, Skywisp Moth and rat.
Obtained through drops: Ashleaf Spriteling drops off of the Leafmender, the Azure Crane Chick is picked up from a Crane Nest, Dandelion Frolicker drops from the Scary Sprite, the Death Adder Hatchling is from the Imperial Python, Gu’chi Swarmling comes from Gu’chi the Swarmbringer, Gulp Froglet is from Bufo, the Jadefire Spirit is from the Spirit of Jadefire, The Jademist Dancer drops the Jademist Dancer, The Ominous Flame is dropped by the Foreboding Flame, You have to defeat Zhu-Gon the Sour for a chance at the Skunky Alemental, the Ruby Droplet drops off of Garnia, and  last but not least, the Spineclaw Crab is dropped from the Monstrous Spineclaw.
Bought on the island: Bonkers is “bought” from Master Kukuru.  Ok, not really bought, but for 500 timeless coins you have a chance of finding Bonkers in one of his many treasure chests.  The Sky Lantern is bought from Ku-Mo for 7500 timeless coins, Chi-chi, Hatchling of Chi-Ji, Zao, Calfling of Niuzao, Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen, and Yu’la, Broodling of Yu’lon are all bought from Master Li for 3 celestial coins, the Harmonious Porcupette is sold by Mistweaver Ku for 7500 Timeless Coins when you are revered with Shaohao, and the Vengeful Porcupette is sold by Speaker Gulan for 100 bloody coins.
Zone Exclusives: ALL OF THEM except the rat!!!!!

Team Building!
Heartwarming Playstyle
Alludra: peddle feet, lil ragnaros, sprite darter hatchling.

Ben: Bandicoon kit, Lil’ XT, and Unborn Val’kyr

next week is….Angular Flu

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