Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#45 Master of the segways

Join Alludra, Ben, and Kephas (gasp!) on an amazing fun discussion of all things battle pets including pet clothing and the future of fashion!

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Boss Battles
Lorewalker Cho:
Wisdom (Spirit Bird, Flying)

  • Peck - Wisdom will poke your pet in the eye with its sharp beak dealing flying damage.
  • Wild Magic - Adds damage to every attack against your pet.
  • Rip - deals beast damage and causes your pet to bleed for 5 rounds
Patience (Broom, Magic)

  • Broom - Patience will smack your pet, dealing humanoid damage
  • Tranquility - Patience will fill the area with peace, causing the active pet to restore health every round.  This lasts 2 rounds and persists through pet swaps.
  • Clean-Up - This magic attack deals magical damage and removes any built objects on the battlefield.

Knowledge (Yellow Cloud Serpent, Dragonkin)

  • Tail Sweep - Deals dragonkin damage and will deal additional damage if Knowledge is slower than you pet.
  • Amplify Magic - This magic type ability will increase Knowledge’s damage it does to you by 50% for 2 rounds.
  • Solar Beam - Instantly deals elemental damage plus a little bit extra if the weather is Sunlight.  Knowledge will recharge and be unable to do anything for two rounds.

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