Tuesday, February 17, 2015

#60 Birds Gone Wild

Of course the birds are wild, how would they 'go' wild then? Well we will see...

It just wants you to *think* it is tame!

Team building: Fried Warlock

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Tips from fan Eladmiri:

Tip #1: For brand new battlers I would recommend starting with a solid Beast, Mechanical, and Aquatic or Flying pets. My personal choice would be Feline Familiar, Lil' Bling, and Pandaren Water Spirit if you can afford to buy them off the auction house. This combination of types will allow you to level quickly and defeat most of the wild pets and early trainers you come across as a large number of wild pets and early trainers are beast and critter types.

Tip #2: Buy Battle stones and increase your pets to rare quality.  It isn't worth leveling a pet unless it is blue. The stats just don't get you there. Once you make it to garrison battles only spend your tokens on upgrade battle stones. It is totally worth a one-time investment on the auction house to upgrade your 3 or 4 starting pets.

Tip #3: Power leveling is painfully easy. Once you get your Feline Familiar (or another cat with Pounce and Devour) up to 25, go to the Valley of the Four Winds and battle your way up and down the vegetable-covered hills west of Halfhill. You can stick a level 1 pet in the front of your party against the various marsh fiddlers (they usually heal turn 1) and swap it out after one round. The cat will easily solo all three wild pets and not even need healing thanks to Devour. Using this method I can level a pet from 1 to 25 in about half an hour. Don't waste reward currency on leveling stones, rather save it for upgrades or possibly food if you plan on power leveling for hours at a time.

Tip #4: Use easy trainers to level pets and get bags of loot. Farmer Nishi in the Valley and Major Payne in the Argent Tournament Grounds are my go to daily kills. Their fights are really easy once you have the right teams in place. Pick trainers that give a bag reward as these can contain pet upgrade stones, bandages, and occasionally pet food to level faster.

Tip #5: Level the right pets. There are certain pets that are used more frequently in strategies than others. Collect, upgrade, and level those as a priority. My shortlist includes: Lil' Bling, Pandaren Water Spirit, Chrominius (howl bomb combo), Clockwork Gnome/Darkmoon Tonk, Mini Mindslayer (or strong Magic of choice) Unbound Val'Kyr, and Zandalari Anklerender. Also a generic Spider, Frog, and Moth.  These will give you a pretty fair shot at beating most of the garrison daily challenges and most trainers throughout Azeroth.

Tip #6: Read the comments on Wowhead for the various opponents you will face to see which teams have worked well for other people. Focus less on the specific pets used and more on the abilities they needed, then try to make it work with what you have. Once you have a dozen or so commonly used pets at max level you should be able to beat most challenges. Focus on rounding out teams and filling gaps at that point. Then just level pets for fun.

Using this method, I think a rookie pet battler could have a team of a dozen key pets and be taking down garrison pet battles within a solid weekend of pet battling; and taking on the Celestial Tournament within a week. I don't think this is any more demanding than gearing up for a new raid tier, leveling an alt, or raising a profession from 1-700.

I hope this can be of use to my fellow listeners who will begin to enjoy pet battling and collecting as much as I do.

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