Friday, April 15, 2016

#84 Twitter Dreams and Mark Hamill Wishes

Birthday bonanza on this week's show! We also have a new segment, AND we discuss what really is and isn't a parsec.
Sadly the SS8 is less cute then his cousin BB8

Next week's Team Building: Juicy Selfie

Boss Battles:

Dreadwalker (It’s a robot at 47, 52 Tanaan Jungle) spawned with a white Violet Firefly and a green Rat
  • Fel Corruption - This ability calls forth a wave of fel power dealing elemental damage to all of your pets and empowering Dreadwalker’s back line pets increasing damage dealt and reducing their damage taken by 50% for 10 rounds.
  • Sticky Grenade - Dreadwalker will throw a sticky grenade at your pet.  After 3 rounds, the grenade detonates dealing mechanical damage.  This damage cannot be dodged, blocked, or avoided.  Luckily, only one of your pets can be affected by one sticky grenade at a time.
  • Haywire - Dreadwalker will go haywire dealing mechanical damage.  Haywire continues for 2 rounds.

Addon Spotlight: Auto safari hat 

Saturday, April 2, 2016

#83 Rife with secret technical difficulties

Alludra and Ben have secret technical difficulties, discuss all the fun of noblegarden, and of course pick on each other.

Ninja tech support here to help!

Download link

Next show's Team building: Gifted Development