Sunday, July 24, 2016

#91 For the Horde(rs)

Alludra and Ben are buried under patch changes!

Still couldn't squeeze in that mailbox, eh guys?

Download link

Next week's Team Building: Cute Garden

Boss Battles:

Chaos Pup: It’s a fel pup! Spawned with a white Bloodbeak and a white Cerulean Moth
Fel Corruption - This ability calls forth a wave of fel power dealing elemental damage to all of your pets and empowering the Chaos Pup’s back line pets increasing damage dealt and reducing their damage taken by 50% for 10 rounds.
Howl - A distant howl will frighten your pet, increasing the damage they receive on the next attack by 100%.  This debuff does only last 2 rounds but very well might be 1 because of the recent changes to abilities.
Bite - The Chaos Pup will bite your pet dealing beast damage. Cuz teeth. That’s why.

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