Sunday, September 4, 2016

#94 Legion

The expansion has launched! This is not a drill!

Ben is teaching Pandaren kids the ways of the pet battles. 

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Boss Battles
Shipwrecked Captive which you summon by using the toy Sternfathom’s Pet Journal, a toy that you find in Azsuna.  You are able to to complete this quest once a week.
  • Claw - Scuttles will claw your pet dealing beast damage.
  • Dive - Scuttles will submerge, becoming unattackable for one round.  On the next round it will attack you, dealing aquatic damage.
  • Spiny Carapace - This ability protects Scuttles for 5 rounds by dealing damage to your pet each time it takes damage.  If Scuttles uses Spiny Carapace again while it’s currently active, it will triple its effectiveness for one round.
Klazor the Destroyer
  • Burrow - Klazor burrows under the ground becoming unattackable for one round.  On the next round it will attack you, dealing beast damage.
  • Dodge - This humanoid ability increases Klazor’s dodge attack by 100%
  • Scratch - Klazor scratches your pet for critter damage.
  • Carpnado - A frenzy of furious fish is summoned to attack your pets.  Aquatic damage is split evenly among your team.
  • Infected Claw - Clamps tears at your pet with plagued claws dealing undead damage.
  • Shell Shield - This beast ability reduced damage from each attack against Clamps.  It lasts 5 rounds.

Zone Spotlight: Dalaran

From vendors:
In the Petshop:
Breanni- Obsidian Hatchling (40g), Nursery Spider (160g), Albino snake (40g), Calico cat (40g)

Giada Goldleash and Lio the lioness are also in Dalaran in case you missed a pet from your garrison! They are selling all the old favorites such as the Bloodthorn hatchling (50PC), Dusty Sporewing (50 PC), Glowing Sporebat (100 PC), Lost Neatherpup 200 PC) 

Draemus- Fel piglet (200 pet charms), Alarm o bot (200 PC), Nightwatch Swooper (100 PC), Autumnal Sproutling (100 PC), Plump Jelly (50 PC), River Calf (50 PC) 

In the underbelly:
Laura Malley - Sewer-Pipe Jelly (for 250 Sightless Eyes)

On a floating island outside of Dalaran and Margoss’s Retreat: Sting Ray Pup - requires Good friend rep with Conjurer Margoss and costs 50 Drowned Mana.

From Pet Battles: Blind Rat, Young Mutant Warturtle, and the Dust Bunny.  As we’ve said before you need to click the rug in the barber shop to get the buff that lets you see the dust bunnies around Dalaran.

Not sure if Nethaera is floating around as we have yet to see her brilliantly lit candle, we are not crazy enough to try and fish up another giant sewer rat just yet so the jury is still out there, and the vendor that sold the grinning skull is now missing! We believe he was a victim of all the pvp in the area. 

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