Sunday, October 30, 2016

#98 Bear Wall

Alludra and Ben discuss bear walls somwhere in here. We promise. I's the name of the show!

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REMEMBER KIDS! Get in your points by Blizzcon! 2016 contest ends November 5th at 5pm Pacific.

Boss Battles
Fight Night: Sir Galveston a knight in Dalaran, looking for a fight
Sir Murkeston (he’s a murkimus!)

  • Blessed Hammer - Deadly hammers with go spinning outwards from Sir Murkeston dealing Magic damage.
  • Falling Murloc - Sir Murkeston will attempt to teleport above your pet, then land directly on them dealing humanoid damage.  This fall will stun him, though.
  • Righteous Inspiration - This magical ability will swap Sir Murkeston out with another pet.  That pet will have double speed and damage for 1 round.  If all of Sir Galveston’s pets are dead, then Sir Murkeston can inspire himself.

Coach - a vulture with a doll on its back

  • Thrash - Coach will wildly flail at your pet, hitting them 1 to 2 times, dealing beast damage.  If Coach attacks first, then it will hit your pet an additional time.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Adrenaline Rush deals critter damage and also increases Coach’s speed by 75% for 3 rounds.
  • Lift-Off - Coach will fly up high and become unattackable for a round.  On the next round, he will swoop down and attack, dealing flying damage.

Greatest Foe - a black dragon whelpling

  • Breath - Your pet will be overwhelmed with draconic breath and take dragonkin damage.
  • Healing Flame - This dragonkin ability will heal Greatest Foe for a nice chunk of health plus an addition amount that is half of the last hit that was taken.
  • Darkflame - Darkflames will engulf your pet dealing elemental damage, plus your pet will receive 50% less healing for 2 rounds.

Zone spotlight
Albatross Chick, Black-Footed Fox Kit, Golden Eaglet, Long-Eared Owl, Mist Fox Kit, Rose Taipan, Slithering Brownscale, Stormstruck Beaver Tiny Apparition. These last two may require some camping and work on your part so beware!!!

Purchasable pets are the stormborne Val’kyr when you are revered with the valarjar and is 500g

Drops from mobs: 
Bleakwater Jelly - drops from Soulthirster in Helheim
Stormborne Whelpling - drops from Stormwing Matriach in Stormheim

Next team building: Sensible Chuckle! 

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