Monday, November 14, 2016

#99 Ben Caught the Con Plauge

Ben caught the con plage. Poor guy. v.v

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Next week's Team Building: Fearful Shouting

Boss Battles
Fight Night: Rats!
Splint Jr.  It’s a rat!

  • Scratch - Splint Jr. will scratch your pet, dealing critter damage.
  • Poison Fang - This ability will instantly deal beast damage to your pet and also poisons the target for additional elemental damage per round for five rounds.
  • Stampede - Splint Jr. will start a stampede, causing critter damage. When your pet is hit by the stampede, it will take double damage for 2 rounds. Stampede continues for 3 rounds.

Zone spotlight - Suramar
Available through pet battle: Coastal Sandpiper, Crystalline Broodling, Thornclaw Broodling, and the Vicious Broodling

Available through questing: Lurking Owl Kitten from the quest “You’ve Got to be Kitten Me Right Meow”  and the Untethered Wyrmling from the quest “Balance to Spare”

Available through drops: Benax which drops from Anax, and the Eye of Inquisition which drops off of the Felsoul Inquisitor.

Available through Gold: Extinguished Eye from First Arcanist Thalyssra when you are revered with The Nightfallen for 500 gold plus faction discounts.

Available in treasure chests in the Withered Army Training Scenario is the Leyline Broodling a hotfix fixed the door so you can probably get in there now! Maybe. We hope. 

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  1. We would to help including with this easily obtainable in display chests from the Withered Armed service Teaching Circumstances would be the Leyline Broodling some sort of hotfix predetermined the door to help you to likely join at this time there at this point! It's possible.