Sunday, December 18, 2016

#101 Pump it up!

Ben and Alludra are pumped! Or something like that!!

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Next week's Team Building: Service with a smile!

Boss Battles
Stitches Jr. Jr. (He’s just like Stitches Jr., but more Junior!)

  • Cleave - Stitches Jr. Jr. will recklessly attack your enemies, dealing undead damage, split evenly amongst your team.
  • Enrage - His damage is increased by 100% and damage taken will be increased by 50%
  • Infected Claw - Stitches Jr. Jr. will tear at your pet, dealing undead damage.

Zone spotlight - Trade Skills
Alchemy - Ridgeback Piglet, Thaumaturgical Piglet, and Transmutant - to obtain the recipe Transmutation Meat to Pets just keep doing your Wild Transmutation each day and eventually you will be graced with the recipe.

Archaeology - Wyrmy Tunkins - This is a reward from the Archaeology bi-weekly quest.  Good luck...

Enchanting - Enchanted Cauldron, Enchanted Pen, Enchanted Torch - For the Enchanted Caldron and Torch recipes a quest will unlock when you reach level 106 that will give you access to Tigrid the Charmer in Stormheim.  For the Enchanted Pen the recipe unlocks after a short questline starting with An Enchanting home, given by Enchanter Nalthanis in Dalaran once you reach level 106.

Engineering -  Trigger - To obtain the Trigger recipe, Engineers must progress through the Engineering quest chain.  Once you are 108 the quest Trigger Happy will become available.

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