Monday, September 4, 2017

#115 Uuna needs a puppy.

Hasn't she suffered enough? Also, we jump tracks this show. A lot.

Download link

Our patch notes:

Raiding with leashes v: The cuteclysm! Run cataclysm raids for cool pets
    Blackwing Descent:
  • Tinytron (mech)  - arcanotron, electron, magmatron, & toxitron
  • Rattlejaw (Dragon) - Maloriak
  • Discarded Experiment (undead) - Nefarian
    Bastion of twilight:
  • Twilight clutch-Sister (Dragon) - Valiona & Theralion
  • Bound Stream (Elemental) - Elementium Monstrosity
  • Faceless Minion (Magic) - Cho’gall
    Throne of the four winds:
  • Drafty (Ele) - Anshal, Nezir & Rohash
  • Zephyrian prince (Ele) - Al’Akir
  • Blazehound (Ele) - Shannox
  • Cinderweb Recluse (Ele) - Beth’thilac
  • Surger (Ele) - Baleroc
  • Infernal Pyreclaw (Beast) - Majordomo Staghelm
    Dragon Soul:
  • Faceless mindlasher (Magic) - Yor’sahj the unsleeping
  • Unstable tendril (Ele) - Spine of deathwing
  • Corrupted blood (Ele) - Madness of Deathwing
And as an achievement reward you get the Amalgam of destruction (Ele)

Obtained through pet battles on Argus:
Bile Larva, Flickering Argunite, Bilescourge, Antoran Bile Larva, Antoran Bilescourge, Arcane Gorger, Felcrazed Wyrm, Pygmy Marsuul, Skyfin Juvenile, Void Shardling, Voidstalker Runt, Warpstalker Runt. scattered through the three zones.  We’ll go into detail in a later episode on where to find all of these.

Family Fighter Achievement awards the felclaw marsuul! To get him you need to Beat all 18 of the new pet battles on argus with a team of all specific families! This is just like the achevement in the greater broken shore. And we agree 18x 10 different battles is waaay more pet battling!

Argus Vendors
Cross Gazer, sold by Orix the All-Seer for 1000 intact demons eyes.
Orphaned Marsuul sold by Toraan the Revered for 500 gold once you are Honored with Argussian Reach.

Argus Drops
Docile Skyfin and Fel-Afflicted Skyfin each have a 1 in 6 chance from a Cracked Fel-Spotted Egg after 5 days.
Rebellious Imp drops from Mother Rosula in the Antoran Wastes.
Uuna, the newest saddest pet in WoW, drops from The Many-Faced Devourer in the Antoran Wastes
Grasping Manifestation drops from Ataxon in Mac’Aree

Profession Pets for Herbalists, fishing and skinners! Fel lasher for herbalists. Fossorial Bile Larva is for skinners, and if you make good friend rank with Ilyssia of the waters in asuna you can get a ghost shark for 50 fragmented enchantments.

There is a new account daily pet battle in the outer area of Gnomeregan.  Fight Environeer Bert while having the quest Bert’s Bots to receive a Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies for a chance at Dibbler!

New holiday pets for the upcoming holidays
    Hallow’s end - Naxxy
    Winterveil - Globe Yeti

Conspicuously missing is our golden retriever pet! Blizzard, we want our doggo.

UI changes: Mount and pet unlocks now have a unique toast.

There have also been a couple changes to pets you might already have!  The Sun Darter Hatchling is now a Dragonkin, as it should have been, the Celestial Calf is no longer unique, so fill up your pet journal with 3, and last but not least, the Eye of Inquisition can now be caged.


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