Monday, September 25, 2017

#116 You are Kitten Me

People won a contest! There's a new Kitten! And also fun!

A dancing kitty is most loved kitty!

Download Link 

Congrats to our winners! @Mominatrix75, @Jebpad46 and @Ustarte2

Next Week's Team Building: Bumbling Hero

Boss Battles
Wildlife Protection Force (56, 53 in Highmountain)
Hungry Icefang
  • Pounce - The Hungry Icefang will pounce on your pet, dealing beast damage and dealing a bit more if the wolf attacks first.
  • Howl - A distant howl (which is what it says in the description.  Why is it distant, the wolf is right there?) frightens your pet, increasing the damage they take on the next attack by 100%.  It lasts 2 rounds.
  • Blistering Cold - Blistering cold will chill the air around your pet, causing them to be afflicted with Frostbite each round for 3 rounds.  Frostbite’s damage grows until the pet is swapped.  Blistering cold lasts for 4 rounds and persists through pet swaps.

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