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Alludra The Mage
(ep. 1-current)

A gamer since she could start playing, it wasn't until 2006 that she started playing World of Warcraft, and even then got it wrong by rolling a warrior. Alludra joined her current guild Alea Iacta Est in 2009, and they have been stuck with her ever since. Currently she's haphazardly focusing on leveling her pets to 25, and collecting as many as possible. 

Other then World of Warcraft, she enjoys playing Skyrim, Minecraft, and Civ. She has no plans on picking up the new Pokemon game. 

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Ben AKA Al the Mage (Allanya)
(ep. 26-current)

Ben started playing WoW in February of 2008 when he created his mage Allanya.  While he has leveled a few other toons to the level cap each expansion, Allanya has continued to be his main as well as the toon he has the most fun with.  Shortly after reaching the level cap at the time of 70, he started collecting every companion pet he could find and has an unhealthy obsession with collecting them all ever since.

Aside from World of Warcraft, Ben has been a gamer most of his life and has played fantastic games such as the Mass Effect series, as well as almost every Star Wars game ever made.

Kephas, your friendly neighborhood Monk
(ep. 1-25)

Other projects:

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