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  1. Hello,

    Love the show. I had an idea for your wishlist segment and wondered what you both might think about it. Inspired by the Brawlers guild and lets just say Grease.

    Playing for Pinks, as in Pink slips as in pets. Here's how it works, much like the new Brawlers guild you gain an invitation but it would be based on Pet Battle trainers. Let's call it Letters of Recommendations or Sponsorship. Then with this you go into an instance area. Much like the Brawlers Guild you will be able to watch other people's pet battles.

    Here's where the awesomeness comes in. When you play and when you lose, a player can then chose one of your pets from that specific team, as their prize.

    Did that blow your mind? Well if not let me go into a bit more detail.

    The lore would be like this, as a trainer and much renowned from all your previous battles, the next stage would be having purely Wild Pet Battles. In order to join the pet battle fight every pet on the team MUST be a wild pet and level 25 (rarity won't come into play). So there you are with your 3 wild pets, and you are fighting against another team of wild pets. If you win the battle then you can chose which of the wild pets on the other team you want or you can pass.

    I have considered allowing it to be every pet but I wouldn't want people to only fight with vendor pets hoping to steal someone's wild pet. Plus Collectors editions pets shouldn't be included. Maybe 2 out of 3 have to be wild pets and Collectors editions can't be used.

    Best part is this will give a way to trade wild pets for money or whatever but it won't be on the auction house and only the people with level 25 pets can do it anyway.

    So what do you think?

  2. Another Random Idea for customization. The "Epic" battle stones that have been rumored to have. What if they allowed you to change the skin of your pet. Every wild pet type has 2 Alternate skins that can only be accessed by the Epic Stone. The trick is it's based specifically on skin and not on pet. So the Adder and the Emerald Boa would have the same two options.

    I got the idea from the Hatewalker pet from Battle Trainer Zoltan, which is a Personal World Destroyer an his other pets. Think of the choices you would have to make. Would you want you're Creepy Crawler to have skin type A or would you want it to be used for the Dung Beetle. Plus if a player like Quintessence who is collecting one pet of every skin as Rare quality this would even make having multiple of the same kind even more fun.

    I'm not much for making stats higher and hirer, not when you could finally say get the Noblegarden bunny (pink bunny with the blue spots).

  3. Loving the show so far... but I feel its missing something in terms of team composition.

    The obvious idea would be to have people discussing their teams but I had another interesting idea. Why not set up a weekly feedback section where you give us two pets and ask us to provide the third with the reason.

    The two pets should have an obvious theme and then you could ask the audience to provide a third pet to round out the team.

    As an example:
    Tiny Harvester + Singing Sunflower. The themes are both healing and farming. What third pet would fit both themes? Maybe another plant? Maybe a grasshopper?

    I think this way of discussing teams lets you both be strategic and somewhat casual about themes.

    Anyway, keep up the good work but I really would like some sort of segment that talked more about composition whether you follow this idea or another.


  4. How about Pet Team Synergy! Imagine either new buffs, to promote the use of "not so awesome pets"...

    How about primary and secondary "family"... let's say for example the scorched whelping he is indeed undead but maybe have a secondary family "dragon"... gor this to work we need a better scale of damage.... as very weak, weak, strong and very strong...

    Also wanted to add and comment on how much you guys mentioned that if this trainer is mechanical then I just form a group of elementals and boooooom... what if we have a challenge system... as in if they are mechanicals and you beat him down with at least two... or heck all three beasts then you get poun y s towards a badge or something....


    Pensu. Darkspear.

  5. Tournament ideas... you battle three grandmasters but you can use only a team of 4 (one extra for balance) and battle your way through... and you get healed after every win.... Love the show...

    Also wanted to comment on the dragon passive.... it stays even if your opponent switches/dies for 1 round.

    You guys were asking some shows ago, why would it matter to have more than one rare.... wel petbreed id... in the system there are already male female and also stats distribution... so I usually look for balance or just high health or a speedy guy... I mean there are a lot of ways Blizzard can go.....

    Keep up the good work

    Pensu. Darkspear

  6. So I have an idea. We should be able to turn off gear drops in raids to increase drop rate for pets, and mounts.
    I need no gear in Throne of Thunder, and most of Siege of Orgimar. But I do the raids every week for the chance that a pet would drop. In all my months here only 1 living sandling dropped. I am a warrior so when i raid I choose between my 2 specializations, Protect or Fury. Why cant we have the same options to choose from All, Pets, Or gear.
    If a pet drop rate is .0001%, maybe turning off the gear option would increase it to .01%. Not asking for automatic drops but asking for a better chance to get what I am coming here for.
    This idea came to me when I received my Legendary cloaks, then the next 2 weeks the only things I got from drops and my rolls were, can you guess? Cloaks...... I cant DE so I had to vendor them all. What a waste. So I have been trying to contact people in the blizzard community to see if maybe this squeeky wheel can get some grease.
    If you like my idea, pass it on. Love the show.
    Urahara Whisperwind